Reggio Calabria cuisine

A marriage of taste, tradition, and conservation

A Reggio lunch is an experience that brings together the wisdom of our grandparents and their ability to marry flavours and products that were considered “poor” until a few years ago. We find homemade sausages conserved during the winter, as well as cheeses, vegetables preserved in oil or dried in the sun, as well as daily ingredients such as mushrooms or fish.

If Italian cuisine has created great dishes starting from the poor tradition of our families, the region of Reggio Calabria provides one of the greatest examples in terms of the “management” of the ingredients.


A master class from the tripe

Tripe, a traditional dish that smells of grandparents’ cooking, must be honoured in Reggio Calabria. There are many recipes around, but the most common thread that unites them all starts from Calabrian tomatoes grown under the sun, to very slow cooking, which gives it its flavour, and the essential [...]

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The struncatura

Blessed are the first dishes

The typical Reggio Calabrian lunch begins with the Calabrian appetizer, where the guidelines for flavour are dictated above all by the historical mastery in the conservation of the products. When it comes to great traditional dishes, you can still swear by the “do not throw anything away” motto, and [...]

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The oral tradition claims that a salty version of the cuddhuraci known today was brought in by Jews fleeing Egypt, who kept bread stuffed with eggs. Over the centuries, the recipe has obviously changed and adapted to the times, although the basic ingredients have remained unchanged: water, flour, an [...]

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Frittole, the pig’s treasure - by Gino Larosa -, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Frittole: no part of the pig is ever wasted

In many rural civilizations, the killing of the pig is an event, as it is a very valuable animal that can provide precious material for the kitchen. In short, ru pòrcu non si jètta nènti (“nothing from the pig is wasted”). Specifically, the black pig, typical of Calabria, also preserves its ancient [...]

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Calabrian appetizers

Hospitality begins with appetizers

In the Reggio area, as in the rest of the Italian boot, the great history of cooking comes from dishes that were born from the mastery of our grandparents with respect to the conservation of supplies for the winter. The perfect salami recipe was found by preserving the meat of a pig, wasting nothing [...]

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Le frittelle di fiori di zucca

A delight called the pumpkin flower

The favourite flower of Calabrians is the pumpkin flower. Whether fried, stuffed, or added to a salad or turned into a tasty pancake, it can satisfy both the young and old. The Calabrian-style pumpkin fritters, included simple and genuine ingredients, which can be enjoyed both as an appetizer and as [...]

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