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The soul of Reggio in all its forms

Reggio Calabria is a city rich in history. Its foundation dates back to 734 BC by the Greek Chalcidian. Since then, the city has always been resurrected on the same site, even after the disastrous earthquake of 1908 that utterly destroyed it. However, it was following this event that the vestiges of classical Reggio and of its rich history emerged. From there, the foundation of the Magna Grecia Museum soon after contributed to the culture and beauty of the Reggio area. Today, Reggio is a cultural city and not only thanks to its museum, but also the Pinacoteca Civica ("Civic Art Gallery"), the Castello Argonese (“Argonese Castle”), the Teatro Comunale (“Community Theatre”) and the Museo del Bergamotto (“Bergamot Museum”).



Religious architecture
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The Archaeological Park of Mella and the mythical city of Mamerto

Home to an ancient population, the Taurians, the archaeological area of Mella is a precious treasure chest in which a millenary history, full of mystery, is kept. The excavations, located in the district of Mella di Oppido, near the old medieval centre of the latter, have been delivered to the commu [...]

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The Archaeological Park of Taureani

The Taureani Park occupies the area where the Bruttian city of Taurania was once located, in the region of Palmi. It is a vast, green area of extraordinary beauty, which presents the artefacts from ancient settlements that have followed since the second millennium BC and which constitutes an archaeo [...]

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The Battle of Lepanto: the Calabrian fleet departs from Pellaro

On the dawn of September 16th, 1571, when the Calabrian fleet that will join the entire Christian fleet, just left from Messina, gathered under the aegis of the Pope Pius V, waited at the bottom in the waters between Pellaro and Bocale, the outskirts of the current municipality of Reggio C [...]

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The Greek walls

Walking along the Falcomatà waterfront, at Piazza Camagna, you will come across Reggio’s largest stretch of Hellenistic walls, enclosed by wrought-iron gate. Although they are defined as “Greek” walls, they are in reality the product of the city wall circuit that over time has been restored countles [...]

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The Griso Laboccetta area

Formerly located in the space that today corresponds with the four blocks between Via Tripepi, Aschenez, Palamolla, and XXIV Maggio, the Griso Laboccetta Sanctuary, thus called by the ancient owners of the land on which it stood, represents the most important aspect of Reggio’s Greek heritage.

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From all over Europe to the deep South

The expression “Grand Tour” refers to the travel experiences undertaken since the 18th century by many intellectuals and adventurers of the European bourgeoisie before, and American after, who chose Italy and Greece as elective homelands as a means of completing their human and cultural education an [...]

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