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The sea and mountains within walking distance

When a mountain massif plunges precipitously into the Mediterranean, a blessed land with very different microclimates is born, guaranteeing very different outdoor activities within a few kilometres of each other: from alpine skiing to the beach, kitesurfing to trekking, snowboarding to windsurfing, and cultural excursions to devotional journeys.



Where the wind kisses the sea

The Reggio Calabria area is exposed to strong winds, making it the ideal place to practice sports such as sailing and kitesurfing: for over thirty years, this region has become a favourite of water sport enthusiasts.

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Corso Garibaldi

A long pedestrian island parallel to the Falcomatà waterfront that extends for about two kilometres, Corso Garibaldi is elegant and welcoming, full of nice shops and restaurants.

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Montalto is located within the municipality of San Luca, within the Aspromonte National Park, and boasts one of the highest mountain peaks in all of Calabria. It is certainly the highest in the region of Reggio with its 1956 metres of altitude MSL (Mean Sea Level). The statue of Christ the Redeemer, [...]

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The Reggio Calabria sky

For some time, the people of Reggio have had the opportunity to admire the view from the Strait from a completely new point: the Ferris Wheel on the Falcomatà waterfront. Inaugurated in April 2019, it has 24 cabins with 6 seats, which are protected by a glass system that guarantees safety and excell [...]

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The sweet bike sharing revolution

Assisted and traditional pedal bicycles: the new shared mobility service allows you to immerse yourself in the city’s beauty in a way that is simple and innovative.

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