Mappa di reggio CalabriaMappa di reggio Calabria

Welcome to Reggio

Sea and mountains at the tip of the Italian boot, in the heart of Magna Graecia.

clear sky

A bbutti chiddu chi nd'avi dintra, nesci 'i fora.


The barrel ejects what it has inside outward. Everyone gives only what he or she can.

Koinè dello Stretto
[Koi-né (dello stretto)] Feminine noun

A phenomenon of light refraction that projects during the day, under certain climatic situations, images that are visible from the two banks on the water surfaces of the Strait of Messina.


The truth is that I want to be a tourist and on my tour I have chosen the most beautiful places in Italy such as Reggio Calabria.

Mario Rossi


Songwriter and Showman
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Culture The Reggio soul in all its forms


The Grecanico

The Grecanico

The Greek area or Bovesia, as the inhabitants of the area prefer to be called, is a Hellenistic region of the province of Reggio located on the Ioanian side. Numerous scholars from all over the world have studied the origins of this Greek society. To date, the most accredited thesis is that of the G [...]

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The Journey of Ulysses
For the Sea18 Nov 2019

The Journey of Ulysses

At the end of the Trojan War, Ulysses undertook the return journey to Ithaca, of which he was sovereign. His journey, however, was a long and troubled journey, full of experiences and adventures. One of these adventures took him to the Strait of Museum, between Scylla and Charybdis. The beautiful ny [...]

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Urban Archeo-trekking Reggio Calabria

Urban Archeo-trekking

Counted among the oldest cities in Europe, the ancient Rhegion preserves conspicuous traces of its Magno-Greek heritage in its urban circle. A walk through the city streets allows you to touch on some key moments in history, traces that have been well preserved, and become part of daily life in the [...]

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