The Public Beach, one of the places in the heart of Reggio

An irreplaceable meeting point


The municipal Zerbi public beach in Reggio Calabria is a swimming establishment in the Rada dei Giunchi, always frequented by generations of Reggio citizens. It has been an irreplaceable meeting place for a long time, the ideal place to rejuvenate without having to move too much in the summer months.

Lido Comunale

The pulsating centre of summer social life

The swimming establishment, build around the 1920s, was the first in Southern Italy and was soon appreciated by the citizens of Reggio, becoming a centre of artistic, sporting, and cultural events. Famous people, tourists, and onlookers were attracted to its famous rotunda. Subsequently, during the Second World War and for various other vicissitudes, it was not possible to use the beach until 1962; however, in 1974, it was chosen as the location for the Miss Italy contest of that year, returning it to the centre of attention.

The public beach today

Today the Zerbi Public Beach has rather degraded. The doors of its many cabins are torn down, many rooms have been illegally occupied, and vandalism has made it mostly unusable. However, the municipality has already approved a redevelopment project: soon it will therefore be possible to have a wonderful structure that hosts bars, shops, children’s pools, open-air discos, and numerous beach huts, alternating with fragrant oleander trees. A true wonder!

Lido Comunale Zerbi

Lido Comunale Zerbi, 89123
Reggio Calabria


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