Mappa di reggio CalabriaMappa di reggio Calabria

Welcome to Reggio

Sea and mountains at the tip of the Italian boot, in the heart of Magna Graecia.

clear sky

Ch'i terremoti, c'a gguèrra e cà pàci, sta festa si fìci, sta festa si faci!

With earthquakes, in times of war and peace, the feast has always taken place and will always take place. In whatever form the feast of the Madonna della Consolazione (the patron saint of Reggio) has always taken place and will always take place.

[Lun-tro] Masculine noun

The name formerly given to identify the boat from which the swordfish hunt took place.


The truth is that I want to be a tourist, so for my tour I've chosen to perform in the most beautiful spots in Italy, such as Reggio Calabria.



Singer and Performer
CultureThe soul of Reggio in all its forms

King's city - Rhegion

Videoclip promoted by the municipality of Reggio Calabria with the participation of ANPI of Reggio Calabria.
Text and music: Francesca Prestia
Production: TSfilm
Direction: Federica Pontari.

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