The new Cine-Teatro Metropolitano

A new look for the local history


The “Cine Teatro Metropolitano” reopened in 2017 in Reggio after the work of Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario Reggio Calabria, a historic local cultural and artistic structure, located in Via Nino Bixio, a few steps from Garibaldi Square.

Cine-Teatro Metropolitano

The return of a place of culture and art

The Cine Teatro Metropolitano finally returns as a reference point for hosting cultural and artistic events in the city. Today, it is a multi-functional centre, home to numerous Reggio association, which hosts stage shows and meetings of all kinds every day. Various posters are provided: theatrical, musical, cultural, entertainment, and of course, cinematographic.


The Cine Teatro Metropolitano, following the restructuring, wants to be an active part in collaboration with schools, the university world, foundations, and cultural and voluntary associations.


The structure, finally comfortable and functional

The economic commitment of Dopolavoro Ferroviario di Reggio Calabria has given the city a placed that is endowed with every comfort for the spectators and modernised both from an architectural and engineering point of view: the main hall is air-conditioned and has 96seats, accessibility is guaranteed by handicapped spectators, the sound system is new and the stage is decidedly larger and more functional. It is a place to experience culture at 360 °.

Cine Teatro Metropolitano

Via Nino Bixio 44, 89127
Reggio Calabria


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