Antiquarium Leucopetra, traces of a distant past

Musem and Cultural Centre of the Mottese area


The Antiquarium Leucopetra, located inside the renovated Guardia di Finanza building in Lazzaro, houses all the archaeological artefacts found in the area of the Municipality of Motta San Giovanni.

Antiquarium Leucopetra Lazzaro

Evidence of a millennia-old history

In the museum’s rooms it is possible to admire the artefacts coming from unexpected discoveries, among which the Ferrina Strait (3rd century BC) stands out, which is dedicated to the cult of Demeter, and discoveries made during the archaeological excavations inside the Motta. S. Niceto fortress. The jewels in the museum’s crown, however, are without a doubt the remains of a Roman Villa with a mausoleum and a late Roman settlement from 2nd to 3rd century AD.

Traces of Jewish history

Of specific historical and artistic interest is also a Jewish lamp from the 4th/5th century AD that is decorated with a stamp in the symbol of the menorah, found last century in Lazzaro, which bears witness to the Jewish presence already in ancient Leucopetra.


The lamp is once again on exhibition at the Antiquarium. In fact, from 13 December 2017 to 16 September 2018, it was displayed at the National Museum of Italian Judaism and the Holocaust of Ferrara in the context of the exhibition, “Hebrews, an Italian Story. The first thousand years.”

Antiquarium Leucopetra

Corso Italia, 34 , 89065
Lazzaro (RC)


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