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The soul of Reggio in all its forms

Reggio Calabria is a city rich in history. Its foundation dates back to 734 BC by the Greek Chalcidian. Since then, the city has always been resurrected on the same site, even after the disastrous earthquake of 1908 that utterly destroyed it. However, it was following this event that the vestiges of classical Reggio and of its rich history emerged. From there, the foundation of the Magna Grecia Museum soon after contributed to the culture and beauty of the Reggio area. Today, Reggio is a cultural city and not only thanks to its museum, but also the Pinacoteca Civica ("Civic Art Gallery"), the Castello Argonese (“Argonese Castle”), the Teatro Comunale (“Community Theatre”) and the Museo del Bergamotto (“Bergamot Museum”).



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Rosarno: A balcony on the Tyrrhenian Sea

Set gently on a hill overlooking the port of Gioia Tauro, Rosarno is surrounded by two rivers, the Mesima and the Metramo, which make its land very fertile and suitable for difficult crops such as kiwi, the main product from the plains of Gioia Tauro together with citrus fruits and olives.


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Bivongi: of red and ancient stones

Embraced by the intense green of Monte Consolino and dominated by a suggestive rocky ridge on which it is possible to see the fascinating ruins of the old Convent of the Apostles, the ancient village of Bivongi was founded in the 10th century AD from a group of Basilian monks fleeing from Saracen ra [...]

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Caulonia: the irrepressible rhythm of tradition

Among the coolness of the Valle dello Stilaro and Allaro and the splendid Calabrian Ionian coasts, Caulonia, formerly called Castelvetere, gets its name from the ancient and important city of Kaulon, whose ruins continue to surface in the surround area. It seems that the village was founded by the s [...]

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Cavallaro Tower

Gioiosa Jonica: one of the beauties from Magna Grecia

Overlooking the ancient Ionian Sea routes, in the eastern part of the metropolitan city, Gioiosa Jonica is one of the most memorable centres of Magna Grecia. It is a lively and heartfelt memory thanks to the coexistence of millenary traditions with a contemporary world made of fun, culture, and hosp [...]

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Marina di Gioiosa Jonica

Marina di Gioiosa Jonica: the town of the Blue Flag

It is the crystal-clear sea that welcomes visitors to the town of Marina di Gioisa Jonica, 107 kilometres from Reggio Calabria, one of the most characteristic cities of Locride. It is a small gem where you can taste and discover the beauties of the Calabrian agriculture of excellence: oil, sweets, a [...]

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Pazzano: art, history, and nature in the heart of the Stilaro valley

The history of Pazzano begins in ancient times and is linked to the exploitation of its mineral resources. During the Roman period, the condemned were sent here to work in the mines that were rich with pyrite and limonite, minerals that characterised the territory. However, these resources were alre [...]

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