The sanctuary of Saint Anthony of Padova

The elegance of the Gothic that dominates the city


Built in 1934, the church of Saint Anthony is dedicated to the Padua saint and was elevated to a sanctuary in 1937. With its imposing and elegant Gothic architecture, it dominates the city of Reggio from the top of the “Collina degli Angeli”, one of the city hills.

The sanctuary of Saint Anthony of Padova

Valuable architecture

The façade, divided into three sectors with a central rose window, is characterised by the presence of two side bell towers surmounted by wrought iron crosses. The church’s plan is a Latin cross, open on three wide and bright naves. In the left aisle, it is possible to admire the tomb of Canon Salvatore De Lorenzo, embellished by a bronze plaque, by Francesco Triglia, which describes the figure of De Lorenzo. A statue of Saint Anthony is venerated in the small marble temple, above the main altar, which is accessed via two spiral staircases.


Don Luigi Orione had the idea to found his charitable work after having been in Reggio Calabria during the tragic earthquake in 1908, in which thousands of children were left orphaned, and whose future he took care of.

The Small Work of Divine Providence

The artistic stained glass windows and the numerous paintings that cover the interior of the place of worship without stopping to recount the life of Saint Anthony and Blessed Don Luigi Orione, who gave his life to the first nucleus of what became “The Small Work of Divine Providence,” today committed worldwide to the care of children in difficulty.


A place of worship, but also a meeting place

The sanctuary has a large auditorium for cultural events and a large courtyard that every year, during the feast in honour of Saint Anthony of Padua, hosts the stage on which concerts are held, including popular music. On this day of celebrations, the road leading to the sanctuary comes alive with stands and great public participation, waiting for the final fireworks display.

The sanctuary of Saint Anthony of Padova

Via Sant'Antonio al Santuario 61, 89124
Reggio Calabria RC


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