The millenia-old history of S.Giorgio Morgeto Castle

A site that defended two seas


The Castle is at the centre of the ancient village of San Giorgio Morgeto, in a magnificent natural setting such as that of the Aspromonte National Park. Today, it is still the dominant point in the plains of Gioia Tauro. From Sant'Elia to Capo Vaticano, with Stromboli and the Aeolian Islands in the background, the Castle is one of the symbols of defence in the Mediterranean.

The Castle of S.Giorgio Morgeto

A millennia long history

The castle was almost certainly born in the Byzantine era, around the 9th-10th century. Like almost all defense structures, the castle of San Giorgio Morgeto underwent numerous changes over the centuries, especially to adapt to war machines. The most important are dated between the 14th and 16th centuries, by the Caracciolo, the Curreales of Sorrento, and the Marchesi from Milan. It was later abandoned and destroyed during the 1783 earthquake.


In February 2010, thanks to the Municipality of San Giorgio Niceto, night-time artistic lighting was put into action, giving the castle even more charm and distinction.

The fabulous entrance to the National Park that is dedicated entirely to culture.

Today, the Castle’s dungeon is certainly to be admired, specifically the Mastio Tower, quadrangular and two-level covered with barrel vaults. It entirely dominates the plain of Gioia Tauro, almost like a queen, because it represents the entrance to the area dedicated to the National Park of Aspromonte. The tower is entered from the top and it is from here that we can admire the barrel ceiling and, through a staircase, the whole panorama of the plains from above. Its walls are admirable, and although they are reduced to ruins, the tower basements and the cistern are now a very important place for the cultural survival of the castle, serving as a place to meet for events, exhibitions and conferences. In the field below, it also hosts concerts and events dedicated to culture.

The Castle of S.Giorgio Morgeto

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